About Me

Content in the Desert


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My name is Catherine, or as my friends know me, “Cat”.

I am a wife, mother, *creative*, writer, dancer, adventurer and recovering alcoholic.  I grew up in the military, living in different states and countries. I was born with a free spirit, a wild imagination and endless curiosity about people, life, cultures and adventure.  I love the idea and freedom of unconventional living and am in the process of * creatively designing* my own life to accommodate my free-spirit and craving for adventure.

I will not settle for a life of mediocrity.

The Pursuit of *Real*

My mission is to live a life true to who I am.  I like to keep it *real*, imperfections and all. Quite honestly,  most of my life I lived for someone else, or for my own unrealistic expectations. When you live for some obscure vision of how you think your life *should* be, happiness will evade you every time.

I was restless to the degree of madness, probably because I wasn’t on the life path meant for me!

Speaking of paths…

All paths lead… somewhere

I took many paths in search of this elusive happiness, most leading me to chaos and disappointment.

Yet, I knew the life I wanted existed and was searching for me too.

My journey into authenticity is continuous and I have grown into myself along the way.

The life I wanted was hidden behind walls of fear.  And I have spent many years knocking those walls down.

Along the way,  I discovered new ways of living, *being*, and thinking. I realized that  I don’t want what I thought I was supposed to want and that’s okay!  When I realized this truth, I was a free woman-free to recreate my life and embrace the person I really am!

I started this blog because it gives me a place to share hope, humor, gratitude, adventure and unique life-style inspiration.  I am not a life coach, sometimes I can barely coach my own life, but I dragged myself out of hell and into the light so I know something about what that takes.