About Me


We might not know each other, but I am happy to share with you this undefinable part of my world. It’s been an enlightening although frustrating journey-this *blog* adventure, mostly because I’ve been stuck on the most important blogging *rule* which is finding a niche and sticking with it. The truth is, I like writing, telling stories and sharing experiences. I also very much appreciate spontaneity. When I try to force everything neatly into one category, I feel much like forcing myself into someone else’s skin- an uncomfortable thought. So, I had to give that up .

But I care about what I write and am in love with the sacred act of creative expression in all forms because it’s what gives meaning to my life.

My title, Fires in the Soul, is meant to reflect those things (big and small) that make life inspiring, adventurous and authentic. For me, it’s a mindful act of thinking, doing and believing. It’s a way of life-my relationship with life, so to speak. And I try to nurture it just like I would any other valuable relationship.

Quite honestly, the title came to me during an especially dark episode of depression. I knew it would leave me eventually, it always does, but not without a Great Battle, and I always feel a bit more beaten up than the time before. That last time however, (which was November of 2016), was kicking my ass in a big way and I thought about how it just gets harder to drag myself out of it and I was SO tired of it, I didn’t want to be a slave to it. Countless hours, days, and weeks of reflection and writing, reflection and crying and reflection and fighting myself (an entertaining battle), brought me to more fully realize something I have always known. And that is that I get to decide my journey. I get to choose my battles. We all know this deep down, it’s just easier to know about than put into action when you find yourself sinking, once again, into the abyss.

I have the greatest love and honor for those who have been reduced to ashes by defeating circumstances, (oppression, depression, addiction, abuse, mental illness, poverty, physical limitations and essentially anything and everything that has the power to break a spirit), yet they have risen LIKE FIRE, reclaiming their lives and making their world a better place. And not just a *better* place, but an extraordinary place! They aren’t just waiting around to be rescued or taking short cuts, they’re making things happen and redefining the rules.

I love those stories!