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Life of Hope-continued…

Life of Hope-continued…featured

The Calm Before the Storm : For all rational reasons unknown to me, I managed to quite literally, escape my Black Hole life and find hope. We eventually landed on an island in one piece, which was a miracle in itself considering I had no money, a car that didn’t actually belong to me, no Read more

Changing Directions, Part I

Changing Directions, Part Ifeatured

If you don’t like the life you’re living. DO something about it! Make a commitment to change your direction. I did. And if I can, so can you. I’ve lived many different lives (more than nine), so I know it’s possible. The life I’m living today is my best one yet. It’s working out pretty Read more

Enlightenment through Kitchen Renovation. No-really.

Enlightenment through Kitchen Renovation. No-really.featured

Usually I don’t expect much out of home improvement projects outside of the anticipated improvement-which is gratifying in and of itself. The process can be equally demanding and rewarding, as expected. Nothing too surprising. However, my recent endeavor proved to be more than just transforming my kitchen into a better kitchen. I wouldn’t be going Read more

Fire Power

Fire Powerfeatured

Although my kitchen is in shambles and I’m washing dishes in the bathtub,  life is pretty good these days.   Despite my challenges (kitchen), I embrace most days with some sense of gratitude and adventure, although some days I question everything I knew was right just the day before. For example, two days ago I thought Read more